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edited by Dr Barry Turner

Fact Sheets

Key World Facts The world in figures, 2018
World Population Developments and Largest Urban Agglomerations The countries and cities with the highest populations, from 1950 to the present with future projections, 2018

2,500 Years of Democracy Breakdown of thought provoking facts on democratic values, 2017

Suez Crisis Timeline The key events on its 60th anniversary, 2016

Magna Carta Timeline and Facts Interesting facts to commemorate its 800th anniversary, 2015

150 Years of the Statesman’s Yearbook Surprising facts and figures, 2014

Migration Facts Major global migration data, 2013

News Media Facts At-a-glance key news media statistics, 2011

Crime Facts Headline facts and figures on crime, 2010
Health Facts Major global health data, 2010

Environment Facts Key facts on the environment, 2009
Oil Facts Essential data on oil, 2009

Defence Facts Headline facts and figures on defence, 2008
Health Facts At-a-glance key health statistics, 2008
Education Facts Major global education data, 2008

The Year in 1,000 Words




City Profiles


Cape Town





New Orleans



Frankfurt am Main




What Future for Democracy? by Barry Turner, 2016

Falling Out Over Suez by Barry Turner, 2015

The Reeds at Runnymede by Barry Turner, 2014

The Battle For Berlin by Barry Turner, 2013

The Future Balance of Economic Power by Barry Turner, 2012

Spread a Little Happiness by Barry Turner, 2011

Openness. Not Always the Best Policy by Barry Turner, 2011

Where Do We Get the Energy? The Nuclear Debate by Barry Turner, 2011

At the Outer Limits of Knowledge Barry Turner discusses the role of Science today, 2011

What Hope for the Jobless? Barry Turner writes on unemployment, 2011

Keeping Up With the News Barry Turner writes on the current state of print and online media, 2011

The Way It Was, and Is Barry Turner writes on lessons from history, 2010

In Defence of Scepticism Barry Turner writes on the fallibility of experts, 2009

Globalization Barry Turner discusses the challenges of globalization, 2008

Looking Back As China and India make their impact on the world economy, William Keegan fears a return to protectionism, 2007

Two Cheers for Democracy Barry Turner charts the uneven course for a political ideal, 2007

In Search of the Peace Dividend Elisabeth Sköns from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute assesses the true cost of global military expenditure and questions its effectiveness, 2007


Threatening to Devour, Amitava Krishna Dutt and Charles K. Wilber - an extract

The Rich Get Richer and the Poor Get Poorer, Bryan Gould - an extract

From China with Love, Bryan Gould - an extract

How China Became Capitalist, Ronald Coase and Ning Wang - an extract

Eurozone crisis - a tale of the 'North' and the 'South', Ansgar Belke - an extract

Branding the City, Gjoko Muratovski - an extract

Hillary Clinton, Nicholas J. Cull - an extract

Margaret Thatcher, Nicholas J. Cull - an extract

Us Before Me, Patricia Illingworth - an extract

Corruption, Nick Kochan; Robin Goodyear - an extract

The Reckoning, Michael Moran - an extract

The Financial Crisis and its Lessons, Sir Howard Davies - an extract

Greek crisis in perspective: Origins, effects and ways-out, Nicos Christodoulakis - an extract

The End of Isolation, Nicholas J. Cull - an extract

We Are All Diplomats Now, Nicholas J. Cull - an extract

The Popular Image of North Africa and the Middle East, Keith Dinnie - an extract

Ireland's Boom and Bust, David J. Lynch - an extract

With Clearer Heads and Clearer Lenses, What Might We Learn?, Professor Leif Johan Eliasson - an extract

The Secret History of Democracy, Benjamin Isakhan; Stephen Stockwell - an extract

The Failure of Democratic Nation Building, Albert Somit; Steven A. Peterson - an extract

Under the Shadow of Defeat, Karine Varley - an extract



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