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Advanced Search

The Advanced Search page can be accessed by clicking the ADVANCED SEARCH button in the navigation bar of any page.

Enter your search term in the Search for bar. Tick the boxes labelled Headings, Full Text, Names of people in headings, Bibliographies to indicate the sections of the site content that you wish to search. Tick the boxes corresponding to the elements you want to include in your search (ie International Organizations, Chronology, Countries Only), or tick Select All.

When you have finished specifying the full criteria for your search, click the SEARCH button or press the Enter key to proceed with the search.

Search Types

The default search type is Boolean. The following symbols may be used in search queries:
1. Venezuelan president will find articles containing either Venezuelan or president, prioritizing those with both
2. -Venezuelan president will find articles containing president but without Venezuela
3. +Venezuelan president will find articles containing Venezuelan, prioritizing those also containing president

The keywords AND, OR and NOT can also be used (equivalent to the corresponding examples above):
1. Venezuelan OR president
2. Venezuelan NOT president
3. Venezuelan AND president

To search for an exact match, use double quote marks around the phrase, e.g. ''Venezuelan president'' will find only articles containing the exact character string ''Venezuelan president''.