The Statesman’s Yearbook Online

edited by Dr Barry Turner

A dynamic online resource

The Statesman's Yearbook online resource contains the full text of the current print edition and additional content, which includes:

• Fact Sheets on topics including World Population Development and Largest Urban Agglomerations, News Media, Crime and Health
• Economic Overviews for every country in the world
• Access to The Statesman's Yearbook archive going back to the first edition in 1864

Enhanced navigation includes:

• Comparison tool which makes it easy to view a wide range of data fields across all the countries of the world in one place
• Improved interface with new homepage
• Dynamic searching of countries
• Offers excellent search and browse facilities, both full text and advanced, which makes it easier to explore the Yearbook
• Quick search on every page
• Allows remote access to members of subscribing institutions
• Citation listed on every page
• Features carefully selected and maintained links to related sites, sources of further information and bibliographical citations

In a world when opinion and propaganda can be overwhelming, The Statesman's Yearbook remains the first point of reference for reliable, concise information on any country in the world.