The Statesman’s Yearbook Online

edited by Dr Barry Turner


Maartje Janse and Henk te Velde reflect on the rise of political organizations in the nineteenth century…find out more

Online since December 2017

Andrea Ceron discusses the links between politicians' use of social media and their accountability towards the parties and the citizens…find out more

Online since September 2017

Roger Kanet discusses the deterioration of East-West relations and Russia's growing challenge to the European security order…find out more

Online since June 2017

Kevin Morgan explores how the communist cult of the individual was not just a Soviet phenomenon but an international one…find out more

Online since December 2016

Gillian Wylie explores the international politics behind the identification of human trafficking as a major global problem…find out more

Online since September 2016

Hazel Marsh elucidates the dynamic ways in which music and politics can intertwine in Latin America…find out more

Online since July 2016

Zak Cope discusses the history and practices of imperialism, looking back to German capitalist expansion between 1871 and 1933…find out more

Online since December 2015

Amr Yossef and Joseph Cerami explore the Arab Spring revolutions in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Syria, and the resultant security implications for the wider region…find out more

Online since September 2015

On the 20th anniversary of the massacre at Srebrenica during the Bosnian War, Julian Bernauer challenges the notion that ethnicity and ethnic parties are always threats to political stability…find out more

Online since July 2015

Maria Lipman and Professor Nikolay Petrov offer a view of Russia's political landscape as it emerges from a period of political and economic turbulence…find out more

Online since March 2015

Danny Rye investigates the nature of the forces that make members and representatives both loyal and beneficial to a contemporary political party and asks whether power is more complex and nuanced than is frequently assumed…find out more

Online since December 2014

Bryan Glass discusses how the rise and fall of the empire is bringing Britain to an end…find out more

Online since October 2014